Solenso Enzo Kit V2


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Product Highlights

Each Enzo kit is transported as one single package, compliant to the shipping standard to prevent breakage.

Different types of AC socket options, compliant to the national standards.

AC end cable plus smart socket meter to connect the system directly to grid.

Micro inverters can be connected via AC interconnection cable.

Portable and foldable module with angle adjusted according to the scale on the bracket.

With each module operating independently from others making up the array, the failure of any modules will not affect the operation of the overall system.

Metal plate pressed with stones or bricks to increase the pressure

Datasheet Enzo kit V2-EC-15Y_V1.3

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Solenso Enzo kit, a combination of solar panel, micro inverter and angle-adjustable bracket, breaks the pattern of traditional solar panel installation, enabling more energy, easier installations,lower costs and higher protection. The integrated Enzo kit allows for compact transportation, distribution and provides alternative installation places like the garden, flat rooftop, campground and etc, permitting installation by yourself by pulling the bracket out.

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Gewicht 15 kg
Größe 190 × 100 × 30 cm

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